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At the Heart of Tuscany

The Chianti area is Tuscany’s main wine region. With scenic towns like Radda, Castellina and Greve within its borders, it makes a perfect destination for those looking to enjoy countryside views, exceptional food and wine, and a traditional way of life, steeped in history.

Hotel Villa Casalecchi, is within walking distance of Castellina in Chianti,  in the heart of Chianti and  is ideally situated for exploring Tuscany. 

Castellina together with Radda and Gaiole were the key members of the ancient  Chianti League, and are, still today, together with Greve, the main reference points for the Chianti Classico wine-growing region. The splendid towns of Radda and Greve in Chianti are both just a few miles from Casalecchi and are well worth a visit.
Two of the major Unesco Heritage towns are close by, Siena (18 km) – home to the Palio horse race, and San Gimignano ( 30 km) –  with its high rise towers – the Manhattan of medieval ages are both favourite tourist venues. The great Florence, cradle of the Renaissance, is 44 km north of Casalecchi and is by far the biggest attraction in the region.

From Villa Casalecchi, all these places may be easily reached by taking the Chiantigiana road which, through breathtaking views of rolling hills and seemingly limitless vineyards, will take you to your destination.  

Castellina is situated in the province of Siena – a magnificent mediaeval town which was founded by the Etruscans and later became a Roman colony. During the 13th and 14th centuries it flourished as one of the major cities of Europe, growing rich from banking and the wool trade. The 14th century saw a great amount of construction: the Duomo, the Palazzo Pubblico and the Campo Square were all products of this time. Siena’s glory took a tragic downturn by the end of the 14th century due to the Black Death and political upheaval. The city became little more than a rural market center. It was exactly this decline that accounts for the incredible state of medieval preservation that Siena exhibits today.  

Built across hills and valleys, the lack of traffic and  sloping narrow streets of its historical centre,  makes it a wonderful place to stroll—  there is always a quiet and easygoing feel to it. The shell-shaped square called Il Campo, is the focal point of the city as well as  the venue for the internationally renowned horse race, the Palio. A must see. Enjoy! 

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